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The best restaurants for business dining, the new world coffee shops revolutionising Parisian caffeine, and more
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Food and drink

A caffeine fix in the 3rd arr.

Xavier Atieh, financier, Paris, France

‘I live in Paris and have found Partisan Café at 36 rue de Turbigo in Paris’s third arrondissement to be a great place, at the cutting edge of the modern coffee revolution. Experimental blends, served with passion and accompanied with good food, make this an ideal brunch spot.’

Food and drink

Where to work out

Dan Perkins, real estate, Paris, France

‘Early-morning running in the Bois de Boulogne?takes you away from the hassle and noise of the city. Get there early enough to feel the sleeping city. Upbeat, high-tempo, near hedonistic, Dynamo cycle classes?create a different sort of energy.’

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