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Hong Kong
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Where to workout in Central, trendy after-work drinks spots, the best Hong Kong-style fast food, and more
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Top tips from the FT Globetrotter community

Things to do

Skip the peak tram, walk instead

Barbara Leach-Walters, banking, Sydney, Australia

‘Avoid the peak tram. Take a taxi to the top of Old Peak Road… Wear workout clothes. Then walk up the pedestrian only road to the peak. It’s 30 minutes and good for you. Once at the peak, walk around the morning walk and continue to check out the amazing views, then pick up a coffee to go and continue your day. Walk down the hill or grab a taxi.’

Fitness and exercise

Go for a perfect 5k run

Christopher Ellis, professional services, Singapore

‘If you’re staying at one of the hotels at Pacific Place, the Bowen Road Fitness Trail is a perfect 5k. It's a steep walk up the hill (south) past the British Consulate-General along Kennedy Road and up Bowen Drive. Once you reach the trail head you'll meet other runners, folks out for a brisk walk, some walking their dogs. Run the length of the trail to where it ends at Stubbs Road, double back — and you'll be at just over 5k. The trail has incredible views of the city and you'll pass waterfalls and be surrounded by thick greenery. A perfect way to start the morning!’

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